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Reaching a growing audience of 4,000 dealers and 12,500 industry contacts worldwide, Dental Tribune International’s new monthly business newsletter aims to become the number one news source and indicator of market trends in dentistry. (Photograph: ESB Professional/Shutterstock/DTI)

New Dental Tribune International business newsletter reaches global audience

By Dental Tribune International
February 12, 2018

LEIPZIG, Germany: Staying on top of dental business news is not easy. With regular acquisitions, mergers and product launches, it can be difficult to decipher what is important and what is not. The intention with the new Dental Tribune International (DTI) business-to-business (B2B) newsletter is to ensure that the most important dental business news is readily available.

Brought about through the initiative of DTI’s Business Development Manager, Claudia Salwiczek-Majonek, the B2B newsletter has been published several times since last year. “Our goal is to establish this newsletter so that it becomes the number one news source and indicator of market trends in dentistry,” she said.

As a new regular feature in DTI’s newsletter catalogue, the monthly addition reaches a growing database of 4,000 dealers and 12,500 industry contacts worldwide. DTI editorial teams find and analyse the issues that matter and examine the latest trends in dentistry on a global scale. Furthermore, interviews with leaders in the industry bring to life the challenges and successes of the dental business.

With such a wide range of industry news, the editorial team at DTI is always interested in trending topics, and information on all things business can be sent to Additionally, as part of the B2B newsletter, specific bookings can be made to ensure your business, product or industry news reaches the right audience, and e-blasts containing company-specific content can also be booked, ensuring targeted communication. More information on newsletter and e-blast offers can be found here.

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