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Common sense versus COVID-19 sense: Simple and effective precautions to protect patients, personnel and surroundings from infections

We are constantly surrounded by a plenitude of potentially infectious microorganisms. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic cast a renewed light on the importance of infection control routines, both in daily life and in the medical field. Infection control and prevention commonly observed in the dental practice are safe and effective, but hygiene routines need to be known, understood and strictly observed by the whole dental office team.

This webinar summarizes and explain the main aspects of infection control and prevention precautions with the purpose to shed some light on key issues and explaining some crucial whys and hows.
  • What are the most common sources of infection and how do they spread?
  • Essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Donning and doffing.
  • Patient evaluation: Risk-analysis, risk-assignment, frailty
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Chemical disinfectants: How to choose chemicals? Why do we use different products for different areas? What’s the difference between medical devices and consumer products?

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