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Demystifying the use of allograft bone cylinders in your practice

This course will focus on the utilization and preparation of an allograft bone cylinder in specific immediate cases. An expert will show how dental professional can choose predictable cases and how to perform them successfully.


This course will help you be better prepared for the utilization of allograft bone cylinder in specific immediate cases in your private practice. We will review the indications for the allograft bone cylinder and how to gain confidence in the procedure while choosing predictable cases and performing them successfully. The discussion will address the education of all the members of the team including staff, restorative dentists, laboratory technicians and territory managers. The incorporation of a team approach to education will help the surgeon better promote the technique and differentiate their practice in the dental community. 

Learning objectives:

  • Review the indications for allograft bone cylinder in immediate cases
  • How to recognize potential cases and explain treatment options to the patient
  • How to get your team involved
  • Promoting the technique in your dental community

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