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Diode lasers: Your first step into the world of Laser Dentistry

This webinar is an introduction to diode lasers and how to incorporate this technology into your everyday practice from periodontal procedures designed for your hygienist to surgical advantages for the dentist and, finally, a stimulation of healing and inhibition of pain associated with low level laser therapy.

Learning objectives:
  • Understand how diode lasers are different from other lasers
  • Understand strength and limitations of diode lasers
  • Advantages of diode lasers compared to electro-surgery as a hemostatic agent
  • Periodontal applications of diode laser
  • Soft Tissue Surgery using diode laser
  • Introduction to the concept of PhotoBioModulation
  • Benefits of diode laser assisted tooth bleaching
  • How to be successful with your first laser

Watch the webinar

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