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Periapical surgery with a new retrograde root canal filling material: Tricalcium silicate cement

The prognosis of periapical surgery has been improved in recent years with the use of new instruments and materials. Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) is considered the cement of choice for periapical surgery; however, a new calcium silicate-based material seems to improve on some of the properties of MTA. Two patients were referred to the oral surgery department of the University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain, for periapical surgery of 2 maxillary teeth. Clinical examination revealed pain in both cases. Periapical radiography and CBCT confirmed the diagnosis. The same surgical protocol was employed using a tricalcium silicate cement as a retrograde filling material. Up to 1-year clinical and radiographic control showed complete healing of soft and hard tissue. The success of periapical surgery achieved in both cases and the adequate management of tricalcium silicate cement as a retrograde filling material are highly promising. Keywords Endodontic surgery; periradicular surgery; Biodentine; retrograde filling.

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