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Unlikely case of submasseteric abscess originating from a maxillary molar: The skipping lesion

We report a case of submasseteric abscess originating from a maxillary tooth, complicated by underlying diabetes mellitus and a multidrugresistant organism. A 61-year-old male patient with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus presented with swelling on the left cheek of 2 weeks in duration with rapid progression to trismus, dysphagia and rupture of swelling with pus discharge. Culture and sensitivity testing revealed the presence of multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae. Based on the patient’s history and clinical presentation, a diagnosis of submasseteric abscess originating from the maxillary molar was made. Antibiotic administration, control of systemic disease and wound dressing were done as treatment. The patient made a full recovery, with scarring on the ruptured region. Submasseteric abscess is a rare case of infection that can occur in the submasseteric space. As is commonly known, infection of the submasseteric space originates from mandibular third molars; hence, maxillary molars seem to be an unlikely source of infection. Diagnosis of submasseteric abscess that originates from maxillary molars can be difficult owing to its rarity and thus the unlikeliness of being the first diagnosis that comes to mind. Keywords Submasseteric abscess; maxillary molar; skipping lesion.

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