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6Th Congress of International PhotoTherapy Association (IPTA)

1436400000 - 1436486400

Congress Chairman: Professor Dr. Jean-Paul Rocca


Scientific Committee Chairmen: Professor Oshiro and Professor Longo



- Laser-Tissue Interactions and Safety (Chairpersons: Pascu, Vaitkus, Smalley)
- Biomodulation (Chairpersons: Longo, Oshiro, Asagai)
- Laser Light, PDD /PDT (Chairpersons: Anders, K.Rau, Pelletier)
- Gynecology and Surgery (Chairpersons: Vaitkuviene, Sencar, S.Rau)
- Dermatology and Plastic Surgery (Chairpersons: Trelles, Katri, Baruchin)
- Dentistry and ENT (Chairpersons: Benedicenti, Oswal, Navarro).



Professor Dr. Jean-Paul Rocca

Professor Dr.  Carlo Fornaini

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