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Les éditions e-paper sont des copies numériques exactes des publications imprimées du DTI. Les lecteurs peuvent rechercher et parcourir le papier électronique, ainsi que télécharger et imprimer des pages pour les lire hors ligne. Afin de promouvoir une large diffusion auprès de notre lectorat international, l'accès à la plupart des e-papers est gratuit.

Dernier numéro

today AEEDC Dubai Feb. 6–8, 2024

An interview with Dr Amir Mansouri, CEO of SprintRay.: “Dentistry without deviation” / The balance between innovation and tradition: Straumann Group offer the latest digital technologies and training / AEEDC Dubai: Dentistry’s distinguished destination / An interview with Dr Ahmed Shawky el-Sheshtawy, AEEDC Dubai 2024 speaker.: “Retreatments are a unique way to save not only teeth but also the surrounding bone” / Middle Eastern dental market to swell to more than US$1.6 billion: An analysis by Donna Santos and Dr Kamran Zamanian, iData Research / New endodontic order: A clinical report by Dr Philippe Sleiman, Lebanon / An interview with Dr Ana Bokuchava, international marketing manager at Curaden. - “Aligners have shortcomings, but using the right aligner foam helps” / Teaming with Planmeca to create a high-tech boutique experience / Oral Reconstruction Foundation—new scientific knowledge for the benefit of patients: An interview with Dr Martin Schuler, executive director of the Oral Reconstruction Foundation / Industry / List of exhibitors / What’s on in Dubai, AEEDC 2024, 6–8 February / Useful information /